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Most catalyst formulations involve a combination of some or even all these operations. However, even though the preparation procedures differ considerably from one catalyst to another, three broad categories can be introduced to classify the catalysts with respect to the preparation procedure:
1. Bulk catalysts and supports;
2. Impregnated catalysts;
3. Mixed-agglomerated catalysts.
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Mechanisms of catalytic reactions, elementary reactions, surface reactivity, adsorption of reactants on the solid surfaces, synthesis and structure of solid materials, enzymes, or organometallic complexes.
Heterogeneous catalysts in the form of porous solids to homogeneous catalysts dissolved in the liquid reaction mixture to biological catalysts in the form of enzymes.
fields of chemistry, physics and biology to work together to achive the goals set by the mankind.
Knowledge of inorganic, organometallic, organic chemistry, materials and surface science, solid state physics, spectroscopy, reaction engineering, and enzymology
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